Sunday, September 16, 2007

The truck is fixed!!!

Finally after 3 weeks and $$$ later, the truck is working. It starts like a champ and is running good. The mechanic found where a wire had been partially pulled loose, from the wiring harness, under the dash. He thinks it had been that way for a long time, possibly when the alarm was installed several years ago. It just hadn't gotten bad enough to cause a problem until recently.

Now for something fun. I made this necklace, bracelet and earrings to go with an outfit I wore to a party last night. Lately I have been on a beading binge. I love to hold them and roll them around in my hand. It is fun to create something beautiful out of them.

Well I should get going and get ready for work tomorrow. The weekend mode is over.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still no truck.......

Well, they replaced the ignition and the explorer will start one time, but not the next. The mechanic is pulling his hair out. This is the first time he has run into this problem. He refuses to give up, I am glad that he is not charging for diagnostic time. So far we have replaced the fuel pump and ignition, I can't imagine what will be next. I am beginning to hate cars. I just want it to start all the time. Funny thing is once it is started the truck runs great.
Enough depressing car news, I have been working on some bead work. As soon as I get new batteries for my camera, I will post some pictures. I made a turquoise and fresh water pearl necklace and a red jasper necklace, bracelet and earrings. It was relaxing to spend the weekend just playing with my beads. See ya later.....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Still in the shop!

They have had it for a week and the wrong part was delivered on Friday. Too late to reorder until Tuesday. Won't get the part until Wednesday. Three weeks and lots of $'s later, we might see the truck this next week. It better run like new. In the last year we have put new brakes, rebuilt transmission, replaced radiator, fuel pump and ignition on the truck. Hopefully it will be good for another 100,000 at least. We plan on getting a new car in the near future and giving it to our daughter. I want to make sure it is dependable and safe. It may be 13 years old, but it is in good shape and should last a few more years. Enough about that...
Today, I spent a few hours beading a necklace for my mom. Hopefully she likes what I came up with for her. At least I got something done that was fun. I plan on beading a rope for my niece. She picked out some gray and black sead beads that she wanted put into a spiral rope. She has a glass parrot bead that she wants to hang from it. I am going to try to start on that one tomorrow, after I plan dinner for hubby. Three day week ends are great. I get caught up around the house enough, so that I can do other things that are fun.
He has been working lots of hours and finally has a day off tomorrow. Thought I would BBQ some steak and fix up some pasta salad and black beans for dinner and then whip up a chocolate cake with fudge frosting for desert. I have been craving the cake myself, may as well get it out of my system so I don't eat more than I should. Since he works 6PM to 6AM, he will be sleeping all day, so I will have the kitchen to myself. No one to look over my shoulder and tell me how to cook (I hate that).
Well it is late and I need to get up early to cook some breakfast for hubby when he gets home in the AM.