Sunday, March 3, 2013

Whew! I did the Portland Yarn Crawl for the second year.  Last year I did not make it to all of the stores, but this year I made it to all of the stores.  It took me, and a couple of friends, two days to make to all 18 stores, but it was fun to see all that Portland has to offer in the world of yarn. I definitely have a couple of new favorite yarn shops that I  plan to visit again.

I love to touch and feel all of the different fibers. The softness of bamboo, vibrant smoothness of the Cascade Pima cotton and the snugly soft feeling of the alpaca yarns make me want to just pile them us on the floor and roll around in them.  Somehow, I don't the shop owners would appreciate it if I actually did roll around in their yarn.

Somehow when it comes time to choose, commit or whatever you call it, I cant seem to make up my mind.  I find it so frustrating, I stand there holding the yarn, but just can't makeup my mind.  I get the yarn into my hands and my mind goes blank, for some reason I can't see what the yarn should become.  When I go to the store with a project in mind, I have trouble deciding on the yarn color to use.  I have been struggling with my knitting block for a few months now.  I was hoping the Portland Yarn Crawl would release my inner knitter again and I found several skeins of yarn to buy, but now I need to make something.

I started a cowl in a purple bamboo yarn that I hope will be scrumptious.  I will post some pictures soon.