Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow! February is almost over. We are almost into March and it looks like we may be going into it like a lion. Today was a chilly one in Happy Valley, Oregon and the weather man says tonight is going to be down around 27 degrees, Coooold. Andi is sick and stayed in bed all day, Alex is grumpy and hubby is at work. Somebody help me, I think I am going crazy.
Uh Oh, cranky pants is home and wants to go to the grocery store. Better go before she chews off one of my arms.
See ya

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tme fly's

I can't beleive how the time flys by. We have been busy working on the house, celebrating holidays and loving the family. The 11th will be our oldest daughters 23rd birthday. It seems like just yeaterday she was born, and now she's going to be 23. I feel like I've grown older without realizing it. We have been working and trying to survive. Where did all the time go. It is amazing to see our daughters become beautiful young ladies. Here is the young ladies of our house. They sent this pictures to us from the Seattle Space needle last saturday. The one on the right is our Andrea. The one on the left is our Alexandra, the younger sister.

I'm so glad they are ours.