Sunday, December 2, 2007

Insanity 2007 begins!

Well it's that time again. Here I am planning the cooking, baking and gift giving. When do the men get to do this. I am the ultimate list maker and planner and then it seems to all change before I can get the stuff done. Just one year it would be fun to watch my husband plan it all and then maybe I would be appreciated a little more. I'm sure he appreciates all I do, but when I'm trying to get all this done and planned and he asks if I'm done with the shopping yet, I just want to say nope and guess who's finishing it. You are!
OK, I'm over the whining now. I need to get going and start my holiday baking and planning. We are hosting the family Xmas eve dinner this year. So there is lots to plan and do. I need to go out in the rain and wind and get more wrapping paper for presents.
I also have a birthday party to plan for my daughter. Right in the middle of Christmas insanity, we have a birthday to do. What we we thinking 19 years ago when we did that. Well I'm off to get this stuff started. Happy Holidays to all!