Monday, May 26, 2008

Puppies again

The puppies are getting so big. They will be 6 weeks old on May 28Th. I hate this part because we play with them and treat them as part of the family and get attached to them. I love it when they go to good loving homes, but it makes me sad to see them go. This is our third and last batch of puppies. I am sure it will make it even harder to see them go.
They are all starting to have their own little personalities. The biggest one is a boy and he is the most adventuresome, the little short fuzzy is a girl and she is the feistiest, the other little girl is sweet and loves to cuddle and the smallest of them all is a boy and he is shy and timid. The little guy has us started to come up and let us pet him. We handle them from the time they are born, but let them grow and explore on their own. The now want to be out of their little area with us all the time. They were all sleeping on a pile with Alex on the couch this afternoon. It was so cute.

They got their first bath yesterday. The biggest one was the biggest baby. He yelped and fussed the most.

Oh yea, they smell so much better.

All wrapped up in a towel.

They will sleep anywhere.

They are so fun to watch and cuddle with. The Little fuzzy girl is such a cutie. When you pick her up she wiggles so much you have to be careful not to drop her.

Time to get dinner will write again soon.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Puppy update!

Check out these little cuties. Got love the rollie pollie little babies.

Our little guys are starting to growl and bark. They have started to come out of the crate and play. I miss having the girls around to play with them. Dave and I don't carry them around enough. Two of them don't want to be picked up at first. After holding and petting them they relax and go to sleep in your lap.

Alex was home from school and she got them out and they all fell asleep on her on the couch.

I seem to be having a problem uploading more pictures so I will try again later.

Friday, May 9, 2008

More B-day stuff

Went to my brother's on my actual birthday and my mom made my favorite cake (chocolate with fudge frosting. Yummmm! They BBQ ed steak and had potato salad and green salad. Got a couple more presents.

This really cool lighted relaxation fountain

And a new photo printer.

I am glad to feel loved and cared for by my family. I can't wait to take some pictures and see how the printer works.

Later will write again soon

Monday, May 5, 2008

Barkin dogs update

Yesterday was a dog bark day. It seemed that all the dogs in the neighborhood were stirred up. Every little sound started one or the other and then all the dogs would follow-up with barking. The complaining neighbor was outside and must have enjoyed the noise.
The dog that lives in the yard behind us (just below the complainer) barked several times throughout the day. I heard the neighbor yell to shut the ----ing dog up. I enjoyed yelling back that "it's not my dog". He yelled: "Who's dog is it". I yelled: "take a walk around the neighborhood and find out for yourself". The dog behind us and the ones below us were doing most of the barking. Our dogs barked a few times. Since we were out there, they were immediately reprimanded and put in the house. I feel it is unfair to us to have to shut our dogs in all of the time. They should get to run and play in their back yard, just like the other dogs.

I hope the complainer realized that most of the barking is from yards other than ours. I do get frustrated when we let our dogs out and the dog behind us and the dogs below us run to the fence and start the barking. Then I feel bad because my dogs start barking back. I am not sure how to fix that problem because it is normal behavior for a dog to bark back at another dog.

I appreciate you putting up with my complaining. Will write again soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Early Birthday BBQ for Me

Today my husband and daughters had a BBQ with the in-laws for my birthday . Here are some pictures of my presents.

Got some citronella candles for the patio.

And some table cloths and matching napkins with a gift card to Nordstroms. One of my favorite stores. It was definitely a very nice day. The BBQ was great and I enjoyed having the girls home for the day.

Will write again soon.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mom's Birthday Present

I made this necklace and earrings for my mom for her birthday. I don't remember what they called the large blue stones. The rest is silver and blue crystals. I chose them because they accented the blue in the large stones. I hope she likes it.

The puppies are starting to growl and bark. It is so cute when they let out a little bark or growl at each other. Now that their eyes are open the have started to try and follow their mom out of their crate. We are going to have to move them to and area in the dinning room where the are not on the carpet and they can get out and play.

Daughter #2 is home from college for the weekend. It is nice to have her here for a couple of days. It is amazing how busy things are around here when she is here. It has only been a month since we dropped her off at OSU and it seems like a long time.
We were waiting by the door waiting for her to get here last night. It will be a bummer tomorrow when she leaves to go back. Hubby's parents are coming over tomorrow to see her and visit for a while.

Gotta go, will write again soon.