Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool Project

My daughter made this picture board for a friends birthday. Sometimes I am suprised by the beauty of the projects that she does. This one came out realy nice.

Here she is holding the board.

A little closer view of the project.

Here I held it up against the wall so you could see it better. Her friend will love it. I want one too.

See ya

Monday, September 7, 2009

Precious children

Just popped in to share a precious moment with you all.

A few evenings ago I was home with my grand daughter. We were sitting in my room watching TV and hanging out with the dogs. Haylee was laying and talking to Licorice and fell asleep. These are the pictures we treasure for years.
Sweet moments with tow of the dogs sleeping and Licorice watching over them. Got to love childern and our pets.
See ya

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20 Things I Love About Fall

Well now you've got me dreaming about the fall.
I love.....

1) A cool evening sitting on the front porch.
2) The beautiful leaves turning colors.
3) The smell in the air (you know every season has it own smell).
4) Coffee on the back patio in the morning. '
5) Fresh baked scones.
6) Pumpkin pie.
7) Lots of apples at the store.
8) Afternoons watching the neighbor kids walk up the hill home, excited about school.
9) Evening walks with my dog.
10) All the new shows on TV.
11) Love the fall flowers.
12) The stores have squash (my favorite vegtable).
13) All the ripe pumpkins in the pumpkin fields.
14) Watching my husband rake leaves into big piles.
15) The last trip to the beach before it gets stormy.
16) Pumpkin scented candles to light in the evening.
17) The kids go back to school & the neighborhood quiets down.
18) Time to quilt, knit and bead.
19) The smell of rain after a long dry spell.
20) Last of all HALLOWEEN!

The leaves haven't turned yet here in Clackamas, Oregon. I am waiting patiently.
Well I am off to go through my quilting box to see what I have. The fall makes me feel domestic and ready to curl-up under a quilt, next to the fire and read a good book.
See Ya