Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It me!

Is it a plane, is it a jet, nope it's just me. I'm back to write something. Can you believe it. I would have been back but I had nothing to write. Just going to work and coming home. That is it.
I can't believe the presidential election is over. I thought it would never be over. This has been the craziest election I can remember. I hope the US gets through the next 4 years and the economy gets better.
My oldest daughter and granddaughter have moved in. My youngest daughter decided not to go back to Oregon State and stayed here to go to community college. This house is full again. Creates a lot of work for me, but I certainly do not feel alone.
I hope all settles down so we can relax again. I hate all this stress and turmoil in the world.
While all this has been going on, we are remodeling the kitchen and putting new floors in the family room. We started in August and are still at it. we have the tile backsplash and floors and the we are done.
See Ya soon