Sunday, March 3, 2013

Whew! I did the Portland Yarn Crawl for the second year.  Last year I did not make it to all of the stores, but this year I made it to all of the stores.  It took me, and a couple of friends, two days to make to all 18 stores, but it was fun to see all that Portland has to offer in the world of yarn. I definitely have a couple of new favorite yarn shops that I  plan to visit again.

I love to touch and feel all of the different fibers. The softness of bamboo, vibrant smoothness of the Cascade Pima cotton and the snugly soft feeling of the alpaca yarns make me want to just pile them us on the floor and roll around in them.  Somehow, I don't the shop owners would appreciate it if I actually did roll around in their yarn.

Somehow when it comes time to choose, commit or whatever you call it, I cant seem to make up my mind.  I find it so frustrating, I stand there holding the yarn, but just can't makeup my mind.  I get the yarn into my hands and my mind goes blank, for some reason I can't see what the yarn should become.  When I go to the store with a project in mind, I have trouble deciding on the yarn color to use.  I have been struggling with my knitting block for a few months now.  I was hoping the Portland Yarn Crawl would release my inner knitter again and I found several skeins of yarn to buy, but now I need to make something.

I started a cowl in a purple bamboo yarn that I hope will be scrumptious.  I will post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, it's been a while.  Things have been happening. I have been busy knitting up a storm.  I am in the process of knitting a baby blanket for one of my daughters friends.  Yes, you know it, I did not finish it in time for the baby to be born.  He was born last Sunday.  Little baby Henry was born October 7th 2012.  I will be knitting like a crazy person for the next few weeks to finish.

Last weekend we went camping on the Oregon Coast and it was a beautiful weekend to be at the beach.  It was nice to be at the beach when the sun is shinning and wind is calm.  We enjoyed 5 days of walking on the beach with our dogs, Licorice and Junior.  Picking up sand dollars and watching the dogs chase the seaguls.  Knitting and relaxing by the camp fire was wonderful.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back and Knitting

It been a while, but I have now finished my degree. I am finally a college graduate, boy does it feel good to be finished. I am not looking forward to the monthly payments that will be starting soon.
Since I am no longer doing homework, I have been having anxiety about what to do with myself. In the four weeks since I finished, I have been knitting like crazy. I have finished two infinity scarves, a chicken, a cupcake and attended the Portland Yarn crawl. My husband thinks I have gone crazy, he just does not understand that I have two years of lost time to make-up for.
Since finishing school, I have joined Raverly and started to catalog my projects as well as keep track of my needles and stash.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just stoping by

Well it's been a few months since I have posted. I have been busy doing homework, taking care of the house, looking for a new job and just living. I can now mark a few thing off of my To-DO-List. It seems like life has been racing by the last few months.
I will be returning to work full time next week. Yes its been almost a year, but I finally found a job. I am so excited I can't wait to start and get back to life as we used to know it. I missed the days when I had an actual routine and not to mention, I can go to the grocery store and not have to count my penneys to make sure I don't spend more than we have this month. I will actually get to see the savings grow instead of shrink for the first time in almost a year. This is an awsome day.
We are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our second grandchild. Our oldest daughter Andrea is due any day with our first grandson Liam Alexander. He will be joining his older sister Haylee Marie in their new house here in Oregon.
Hope you all have a great 4th of July!
See Ya

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Purpose for Small Area in Living Room

Got some new furniture for my living room. I gave the bay window in my living room a purpose. I created a study/work area for school. Got a new cabinet desk from Cost Plus and found a new chair at TJ Max.

It opens to a file drawer and shelves and has a pull out desk area for my laptop and netbook. Then it closes up to look like a cabinet. The area goes from work and study and back to living room in a jiffy.

The sage green chair is gorgeous and matches with the dining room chair pads at the other end of the room. Not sure if I am done yet. Think I might like a small area rug under the desk.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So here I sit, with the dogs (3 of them), Computin' away. It is one of those nights that my mind is runnin and runnin. Not getting anywhere, just runnin. It's after 1:00 AM and did I mention that the dogs are snoring. I have homework to get done, not in the mood for that.
Mentaly runnin down my list of things I got done today, since it is after midnight, I guess it would be yesterday. So here they are:
Cleaned the Kitchen (daily chore)
Washed load of laundry
Worked on homework
Went shopping with my Honey Bear
Ate leftovers for dinner
Worked on homework some more
Drank wine (2 glasses)
More Homework
Ended up on facebook (playing farmville)
Read favorite blogs
Don't I lead and exciting life..... Anyway feeling crazy, because I can't sleep. Ever since I haven't been working full time, my sleep patterns have gotten messed up. Not sure how to deal with this. I have always been a morning person, and now I haven't been sleeping on the same schedule and having trouble getting back.
Oh yea, almost forgot to tell ya all. Daughter #1 is have another baby. Hope it's a boy or twins (wouldn't that be fun, fun to watch her deal with them). He! He!
I know that sounds mean, but I think they could handle it. Besides it is time for twins in the family again.
Well it's been fun chatting, got to go do some homework.
See ya

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shopping Crazy

I have just one question. Does shopping with someone make you crazy? I enjoy just wondering around looking and taking my time. I used to love shopping with my girls, but now that they are older, I feel frustrated when shopping with them. They drag you through the mall and light speed, shopping in stores and looking at things that I would never dream of wearing and don't want to know if they wear them. Oh, Yea! How about when they yell across Victoria Secret. Mom, try this on! Did I mention that it was two sizes too small. That little Santa suit with not enough fir in all the wrong places won't fit me. Those little stringy thing undies. That string will never be seen again. Not gunna happen. Nope!!!

Today I went to the grocery store and Costco with my husband, hate that too. I have a system at the grocery store. I start with the produce, then the bulk, then cheeses, meats and beer, and then I go to the dairy, breads and checkout. When shopping with my husband, we end up going all over the store and back and forth. I was so frustrated and forgot three things on my list. Aargh!!! He could have waited in the truck and I would have been done faster. It's snowing in Portland, Oregon and I may need that stuff. I hate to be stuck in the house and not have everthing that I want.

What if I have a craving for chocolate chip cookies and I have no chocolate chips. I am telling you, the cookies won't be the same without the chocolate chips. Grrrrr!

I am better now that I got that out of my system.
Hope you all have big plans for the New Year!
See Ya.