Monday, May 26, 2008

Puppies again

The puppies are getting so big. They will be 6 weeks old on May 28Th. I hate this part because we play with them and treat them as part of the family and get attached to them. I love it when they go to good loving homes, but it makes me sad to see them go. This is our third and last batch of puppies. I am sure it will make it even harder to see them go.
They are all starting to have their own little personalities. The biggest one is a boy and he is the most adventuresome, the little short fuzzy is a girl and she is the feistiest, the other little girl is sweet and loves to cuddle and the smallest of them all is a boy and he is shy and timid. The little guy has us started to come up and let us pet him. We handle them from the time they are born, but let them grow and explore on their own. The now want to be out of their little area with us all the time. They were all sleeping on a pile with Alex on the couch this afternoon. It was so cute.

They got their first bath yesterday. The biggest one was the biggest baby. He yelped and fussed the most.

Oh yea, they smell so much better.

All wrapped up in a towel.

They will sleep anywhere.

They are so fun to watch and cuddle with. The Little fuzzy girl is such a cutie. When you pick her up she wiggles so much you have to be careful not to drop her.

Time to get dinner will write again soon.

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