Monday, May 5, 2008

Barkin dogs update

Yesterday was a dog bark day. It seemed that all the dogs in the neighborhood were stirred up. Every little sound started one or the other and then all the dogs would follow-up with barking. The complaining neighbor was outside and must have enjoyed the noise.
The dog that lives in the yard behind us (just below the complainer) barked several times throughout the day. I heard the neighbor yell to shut the ----ing dog up. I enjoyed yelling back that "it's not my dog". He yelled: "Who's dog is it". I yelled: "take a walk around the neighborhood and find out for yourself". The dog behind us and the ones below us were doing most of the barking. Our dogs barked a few times. Since we were out there, they were immediately reprimanded and put in the house. I feel it is unfair to us to have to shut our dogs in all of the time. They should get to run and play in their back yard, just like the other dogs.

I hope the complainer realized that most of the barking is from yards other than ours. I do get frustrated when we let our dogs out and the dog behind us and the dogs below us run to the fence and start the barking. Then I feel bad because my dogs start barking back. I am not sure how to fix that problem because it is normal behavior for a dog to bark back at another dog.

I appreciate you putting up with my complaining. Will write again soon.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I once posted about the bark heard round the world. We live on a mountain and you can hear the barking for miles. I sometimes wonder how many miles one bark can go.