Monday, November 5, 2007

Frustrated Mom

There are times when being a parent is difficult. My 18 (almost 19) year old daughter was out with her friends Friday night. I'm OK with her spending the night with friends, but she needs to be home at by decent time on Saturday morning (with my car). Saturday is the day that I get the grocery shopping for the week ahead, done. It is very frustrating when I have to reschedule my day around her disregard for my time. I prefer to get my shopping done early so I can get back, clean house and get my chores done before to late in the day. I guess she doesn't understand that I have worked 40 hours and spent 10 traveling to and from my weekday job. Saturday is my home workday. I try to get things done so I can have Sunday to relax and refocus, before it starts all over again. Someday she will have her own family and home that she has to take care of. Maybe then she will look back and get it once and for all.
After all that frustration, she tells me she got a speeding ticket on Saturday morning. I just give up. I have been on her case about slowing down. I made her drive with her permit for 2 years, because she refused to listen to me about her driving. Well now guess what, she will have to pay her own ticket and cover the difference in the car insurance. Her only other option will be to get her own insurance and car or not drive. I am tempted to buy her a bike and bus pass for Christmas.
She is driving me crazy. I worry every time she leaves the driveway. I feel like she doesn't pay close enough attention, drives too fast and has no clue where she is. She calls me and give me streets and will ask how to get home. I don't remember feeling this way with our older daughter. I wish she would just be careful.


victoria said...

I feel your pain! My oldest is away at college for her first year and we are definitely experiencing some growing pains about what I can tell her to not do....It never gets any easier, does it?

Life's a Stitch said...

One day at a time. It's easy for me to say, but frustrating to follow that advice with my 17 year old issues at home. I think those who don't appear to go through it have other issues.I think back to my first two, who appeared to sail through school and didn't give me any problems, but really, they had their stuff, too, just weren't as defiant behaviourally.

One day at a time...