Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaky Friday!!!

OK, so I had a burst of energy this afternoon and decorated the front porch. We have a country front porch and I always have great ideas that never get done. Like making covers for the chair pads for the seasons and putting up lights.
Well at least I got the pumpkins out and plugged them in. We have this antique desk that I love. It is great for a place to put the grocery bags while searching for the front door key and "oh yea" decorations.

I replanted the pots with fall flowers and gave them some needed attention. The summer flowers died while we were on vacation. Our daughters forgot to water them in 90 degree weather. Yep they were pretty much gone.

I found the cute little wagon for half price today at the store. Love to get bargain's like that.

Here is a shot from the front yard. Looks better than it did, but could use some more sprucing up.

Oh yea, the cat even got some Halloween decorations. Hope he doesn't mind the spider in his bowl.

Just checking in with some spooky cheer.
see ya

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