Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just stopped by...

I can't believe it been over a month since I have updated my blog. Boy, do I have a lot to tell ya. We moved our oldest daughter and granddaughter to their new apartment and stored their furniture in our living room for a month until we had dry days and time when hubby was available to get the furniture to her place. We just have a couple of things left and all is done.
We haven't been able to work on the few things we need to get done on our house with all the extra furniture in the way, you could hardly move, let alone paint a room or anything. We now have a normal living room again.
We had the upstairs recarpeted. That was an experience. We stayed up all night and moved all the furniture from 4 bedrooms downstairs into the garage and living and dining rooms. Then we moved our king size matress to the family room.
We pulled out all of the carpet and threw into the back of our truck. We finished at 5AM and fell asleep on the matress in the family room. The carpet guys arrived about 10AM and started to work. It took them about 5 hours. My Hubby slept through the whole thing. All the pounding and banging and he never even stopped snoring once.
It seems like we are never going to get this house ready to sell. We still need to paint the molding and install the molding in the formal living/dining room after the new floor install. We need to clean and organize the garage and the shop. We need to touch-up around the ceiling where our daughters got paint on the ceiling when painting their rooms. The toughest thing has been finding the right color of paint to match the ceiling. Well its been great to catch up again.

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