Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fords argh!!!

We have 3 of them and they all have problems. I just want something that I don't have to work on, take to the shop or whatever. I want them to start when I turn the key, go when I put them in drive and get me there and home again. Is it too much to ask? It isn't like we don't take care of them. They get regular oil changes and tune-up as needed. I don't need a sports car, I just need it to be dependable, presentable and no dents. I hate it when the girls call and the car won't start. I just want something that has a warranty, that way someone else gets to figure out what is wrong. Well I guess I am done whining now. Sorry to have brothered all with my woes.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I've decided to buy cars based on warranty these days. I just bought a Kia and was disappointed that the warranty in the US is ten years, but it's only five here in Canada. I'm hoping it's still built for ten. The other problem is that two months after buying it, our local dealer closed, so it will be quite a hike for any repairs to come.