Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The barking dogs

Well here I am, 2 days in a row. Got a letter from the county a week ago. It seems that one of the neighbors complained about our dogs barking too much. We live in a neighbourhood full of dogs. I can't believe that only my dogs bark. After talking to Dog Control, I found out that it is mostly during the day they are complaining about. It appears that he works from home and his wife works nights. I don't think it is our dogs. I work days and my hubby works nights. Our dogs are in their crates (in the house) while my husband is sleeping. If his wife is having trouble sleeping, she needs to sleep on someone else's porch.
We don't leave our dogs out very long. They usually just go out and do their business and come back in. I let them out around 6:00 AM, hubby lets them out for a short period in the afternoon before he leaves for work and I let them out 3 maybe 4 times in the evening. Once in a while they bark at a squirrel or bark back at one of the other barking dogs in the neighborhood.
For the last week , we have been keeping a dog log. We log when a dog barks in the neighborhood and for how long. Yes we keep track of when our dogs bark and what they are barking at as well. Wow! Now that we are paying attention, dogs bark quite often. These poor neighbors must be out of their minds with the frustration. It appears that the dogs below us bark quite alot. They have a doggie door and go in and out all day long while their doggie parents are gone at work. We bought a ultra sonic bark control device. When the dogs bark, it lets off a high pitched sound that only the dogs can hear. They stop barking and look at us and we say no bark. It seems to be working.
I have become phycotic about the whole thing and every time our dogs make a noise, I yell at them. I hope they are enjoying that. They will probably going to get so sick of hearing no bark, they will be sorry they complained.

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