Monday, March 23, 2009

Can't be mad at me...

My hubby was being a grump this weekend and it reminded me of several years ago when we were first married. I had done something that made him mad at me (I was always in trouble for something)and he was giving me the silent treatment. So being my ornery self, I decided to strip and do the house work naked. After about 15 to 20 minutes of him trying to ignore me, he asked me why I was naked. I yelled "made you talk" and all he could do was laugh. I went and got dressed and every time he looked at me the rest of the day he would just crack up.

Throughout our 23 years of marriage, I have used silly antics to get through without a yelling match. One time he was complaining that the laundry wasn't done so I accidentally put one of the girls red socks in with his tidie whities. Oops. That is a bummer when you change into a uniform in the locker room at work.

Once he complained that I don't do anything for him. So I didn't. After a couple of weeks he started looking for his clothes and other things he had left laying around. When he couldn't find them, He asked what I had done with them. I told him to look in the room that was his (garage/back room. There was a huge pile of dirty clothes. He spent the next couple of days doing his own laundry. It took us a few years, but eventually, we figured it out and now we share the chores and have become a team.

Just to be fair, I have not always been the easiest to be with either, but only one of us can act like a child at a time. The other has to even it out until we get a chance to get even. I guess I got that from growing up with brothers.

Life has been fun so far and I hope there is many more years to come and we can keep working it out. So take note, there are other ways to work things out, you don't have to fight out loud. You don't have to yell and scream at each other. just let everything calm down while you plan the counter move. Just remember if it is something that you need to be serious about, take it serious and don't do anything that will hurt the other person. No mean hurtful things, just silly things that will make them think.

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Joanne said...

Funny, I have used this technique many times. I call it hitting the wall because that is what it takes for my husband to realize that he has stuck his foot in his mouth again. I do not get mad, I just devise a better brick wall. LOL. After 39 years of marriage I am still amazed the number of walls he has hit.