Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Have you ever wondered where some people get attitude. The in laws have decided to go golfing and out to dinner by themselves for Easter. I guess we are officially the plague. I was brought up in a family that spends holidays together. Though the last 23 years we have spent every Easter with them and I am just wondering if there is something that we have done to upset them and now they do not want to come over on the holidays.
On another note the man unit has now bought a 50" TV and a surround sound system. We are doing our share to help the economy. I wish we could have put it in the savings instead of spending that much money on something that is not necessary right now.
I will continue to be bewildered with men and their idea of what is important. I do not have any toys that have ever cost that kind of money and if I did want something that expensive (quilting sewing machine)it is considered to be too expensive and not necessary. Oh well some day I will get my dream sewing machine.

See ya

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