Thursday, June 4, 2009

Secret Garden

Have you ever seen a big open driveway that needs something. Well this one has a beautiful secret garden . There is a pond on one end and 3 entrances to the garden. This actually is the house I grew up in. My brother & sister in-law live there now and they created this wonderful hidden garden.

On one end there is a entrance with a wide spot for a small table and chairs and leads to the middle where you can make a decision to leave or go past the pond.

Here is another shot of the same entrance.

It is a nice middle of the driveway with beautiful and private spots to sit and just enjoy the moment.

Beautiful moments and places create moments that help you enjoy the peace and quiet. You can stroll through the garden and there are places that urge you to stop and enjoy the moment or views.

Hope you enjoyed the garden.

See Ya


ilovemy5kids said...

I love it! How beautiful! You did a great job!

Beach House Dreamer said...

I love peaceful moments and quiet in nature, and you've got it right where you live. How wonderful is that!

Gayle@Mountain Moma said...

Love the pond! How much work they have done and how lovely.

RML said...

Being near water no matter how small, is always special.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a wonderful spot to retreat! Your lucky enough to have one.

Enjoy your w/end.