Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Needles of some sort....

I guess you could say if it gets done with a needle (of some sort) and thread, then I like to do it. I enjoy knitting, beading and quilting the most. I used to also embroider, cross stitch, crochet and macrame. But the hobbies were taking over and I could not store all the stuff and keep-up. When you have 15 projects going at one time, it becomes overwhelming and projects get fuzzy. I had to scale down and take control.

A couple of years ago, I took all my cross stitch books and half done projects to the Goodwill and vowed not to buy any more. I got rid of my crochet thread and needles and kept my embroidery thread. You can always use that stuff on quilts.

The embroidery thread has come in handy a couple of times. My daughters used some of it when they were into the friendship bracelets and I have used it on crazy quilts and for decorative stitches and around other things on quilts. It always amazes me to find out how many ways some things can be used. My husband even used my embroidery thread for tying together chicken legs for the rotisserie. I'll bet you haven't heard that one before.

I also came to the conclusion that I could put beads on my knitting and I could add beads to my quilts. So the projects kind of came together and I could add all my favorite things together. The beads can also make jewelry when you need something special to go with that hot new dress you bought (and hid until the next night out with honey).

So I decided the hobby had to somehow be useful. Quilts give you something beautiful for your bed or can be hung on the wall as art. Beads can be used for jewelry, added to quilts and added to knitting. Knitting can make all kinds of things. So now I am guilt free and only take up one room in the house.


Quail Hill Knits said...

I love to combine beading and knitting too. I had never heard of tying the legs of a chicken with embroidery thread before. However, my husband tried it once with some of my yarn (without telling me he was borrowing it). Let's just say that it wasn't a successful substitution as acrylic yarn is flammable.

Li_B said...

My husband uses dental floss for chicken legs :)