Friday, May 22, 2009

Licorice helps.

Here I am, sitting here trying to type while Licorice keeps dropping her ball on my keyboard & waiting for me to throw it for her.
Well it has been a long week before the 3-day weekend. Hope we can get some time in on the new patio area. I will be nice to finally have the yard somewhat complete. Now that the kids have grown we don't need the trampoline and have decided to level the area and put in a fire pit. Some place where we can hang out and roast wienies and make smores right here at home. It will be like camping without even leaving the driveway. No long drives to the camp grounds and everything we need in the kitchen. We can have mini staycations all summer long. I will take pictures of the progress as we go.
Licorice finally gave up and is now sleeping with her paw on the ball. I guess she wants to be ready just in case I want to throw the ball.
See ya

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