Monday, May 18, 2009

Men are amazing!

My husband made a comment this last weekend that I have been thinking about for a couple of days. He told me that I was the only person that he knew that let the laundry pile up in the utility room. Since I am the only woman he has lived with other than his and my parents. I'm assuming that he is comparing me to our mothers. The mothers that were stay at home moms. Moms that's only job was to take care of the family (wonderful moms might I say) They took care of the home and all that was and lived in it. I have always had to work to help with the bills. If I hadn't worked we would never have been able to afford a house. We would still be living in a run down apartment.
Still, that comment hurt and made me feel inadequate. I think of all the plans I had when I was younger and how as life happened the dreams have either gone by the wayside or changed altogether. When I leave the house by 7:00 AM and return around 5:30 PM. My evenings are filled with cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning it again, doing our laundry and putting it away, cleaning bathrooms, grocery and gift shopping, and other things as they come up. We have 2 daughters, a grand daughter, 4 dogs and 3 cats. All of these need to be cared for in some form or another. There are days that I feel lost in kayos. I go to bed at night exhausted and aching.
I think that men today forget that the wives of today have careers and jobs as well as being home makers, we have a lot more on our plates than our mothers did. As far as I am concerned, we are Wonder Woman's. I don't want to say that our mothers who stayed at home had it easy, they had their hands full also. My mother took care of the pool, made sure that all the neighborhood children were looked after, took care of the home, had dinner on the table at 5:oo every night, planned vacations and camping trips.
When the day is done, I feel like I should be doing more. Why is that I feel guilty when the house is not perfect. They just point out that it is a mess and act like we are over reacting when they tell us.
Come on guys, you put the garbage out once a week (and need to be reminded), mow the lawn once a week 4-5 months out of the year, other yard work periodically and repair jobs as needed. Think maybe you should do a little more to help out? Then you have the nerve to have a mid life crisis. Are you kidding me! Get over it and do some laundry.
Sorry to complain, but I needed to tell someone how frustrated I am. Oh yea, did I tell you that I gave up on waiting for him to do the tile backsplash and I am doing it myself. Another thing for me to do, while he watches CSI, House and plays video games.
See ya

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